Privacy Policy

Privacy policy matters a lot for a company and that is the reason that we are having a dedicated and very strong privacy policy guidelines. We always make sure that your personal information should be protected in any kind of circumstances so that you can contact us without having any kind of doubts.

Privacy Policy for your Contact Details

The contact details that you will need to share with our team is, your name, your contact email ID. Both these contact details will be used so that our team can resolve your issues as soon as possible. Our team will not share your contact email ID name make with a person who can make use of these for their own marketing needs.

Privacy Policy for Web Cookies

You web history or cookies will help us so that we can make sure that you will get the ads that are relevant to your searches. You will find that Google adsense services are activated for your website and these adsense services are used so that you can see the ads on the website you are browsing currently.

Privacy Policy for Children

Our team also has devoted privacy policy in case your child has shared any kind of information with our team. If you find that your child has shared something that should not be shared then you can email us immediately for this.

Besides that, our teams have rights to change the privacy policy any time without any kind of notice period.      

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